The best free photo editing software

As you know, the image is everywhere on social media and high-quality photos increase the credibility of your product and help you to get more engagement on social media. But if you have not the budget to buy the premium photo editor then don’t fret. There is some free photo editing software that helps you to create an appealing social media post in no time. Today, we will discuss some best free photo editors that not only help you to create an eye-catchy social media post but also allow you to transform your ordinary photos to amazing. Let’s get into it!


GIMP is considered as one of the best photo editors because of its wide range of editing tools and it supports all the image formats. It has tons of filters, image enhancement tools, layers, and custom brushes. The good thing is that it is adding more features day by day. It is easy to use and has a similar interface like Adobe-Photoshop.

Paint.NET: is very simple editing tool on the list of free photo editing software. It has a lot of features such as customized plugins, layers, filters and adjustment. It is the best tool for beginners either for editing your favorite photos or create some Instagram posts. You can also apply Vintage effect on your photos using this tool. It comes with tons of features, user-friendly interface, and a very simple layout. If you are looking for the easiest option then it is a good option to go.


PhotoScape looks like a simple photo editor but it has a lot of unique and awesome features such as the animated GIF creation, photo conversion, and image splitting and merging. It is considered as a basic photo editing tool that is good for novices and they can learn it in a fraction of time. It is available for free of cost with features like sharpening, adjustment, filters, and layers. 

Photo Pos Pro:

Photo Pos Pro has earned the spot in the list of top free photo editors out there. It is the best editing tool for beginners and professional users as well. It has separate interfaces for novice and experts. The novice interface is easy to use photo editing tools with tons of basic features while the other interface has advanced features like filters, layers and much more.


If you are looking for no-fuss free photo editing software that is easy to use then Inpixio is the best option for you.  This photo editor is easy to understand, navigate and use that make it the best option for novices. It has all the basic features that novice can need such as preset on single-click and easy access to all tools for editing. You can view before and after changes and also apply the same edit from one image to another image. When your photo editing is complete, you can save the file easily into different file types or share it directly on Facebook.